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Exercise Rehabilitation at WestEnd Spine and Rehab

Exercise is a critical component of care at WestEnd Spine and Rehab. The chiropractic adjustments restore proper position and range of motion of the joints, but for complete care we also need to address the soft tissues.

Created Just for You

All patients receive some plan of at-home care to augment their healing. This may include simple stretches, exercises or functional movements. Dr. Hagen will create your exercise plan specifically for you and your condition. Our corrective exercises are movements you can do at home, and we also have a large rehab area in the office.

Your Condition Report

Dr. Hagen explains everything thoroughly, and it can be a lot to take in and remember. That’s why we email you a Condition Report after your initial visit (we can also print this out for you). It explains everything that we talked about at your visit, including your condition and how we plan to correct it.

The Condition Report will also contain your exercise plan, including descriptions of the exercises and how often you should do them. It also offers at-home strategies for improving functional movements, such as sitting in a chair correctly, getting in and out of the car, and lifting items. And it provides your frequency of care schedule.

Getting Better Faster, Staying Better Longer

Our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible, restore normal motion and function, and then give you the tools to keep yourself healthy. Exercise rehab helps reduce pain. Once we’ve handled your pain, we incorporate strengthening and stabilizing exercises and stretches to help the body maintain proper position and function.

All along the way, there’s an educational component where Dr. Hagen explains how your body got to this point, and what you can do on your own to help prevent problems in the future.

Get Individualized Care

Our treatments are tailored to your needs, and Dr. Hagen provides all the services himself. We are in-network with most insurance and will help you verify your coverage. Contact us today to learn more or schedule.

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